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   Beauty / Massage
   Beauty / Massage
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   Natural / Alternative Medicine
   Recognition of Acquired Competencies
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Redwood Beauty College - Barrie
4 Checkley St., Unit 103,
Barrie, Ontario,
L4N 1W1, Canada

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About Redwood Beauty College - Barrie

Redwood Beauty College is a registered Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act (2005), Ontario. 

Interested in getting into the beauty industry, but don’t quite know where to start? At Redwood Beauty College in Barrie, we’re dedicated to helping future beauty and wellness professionals find their way. By providing premiere training courses and services, we strive to help you become your best self and to share your beauty and wellness skills and advice with others. Whether you’ve decided to follow your passion or are hoping to add to your current skillset, we’ve got the courses you need to find your way.

Redwood Beauty College - Barrie:
4 Checkley St., Unit 103,
Barrie, Ontario,
L4N 1W1, Canada

Programs Offered at Redwood Beauty College - Barrie:

Beauty / Massage

Redwood Beauty College - Barrie Advantages:

  1. A faculty that can deliver the core competencies of their chosen courses in a plethora of ways that will engage all types of learners.
  2. Time sensitive, structured and focused training.
  3. Targeted practical training throughout the academic journey.
  4. Smooth transition to a degree of independence by using the latest techniques and technology.
  5. Professional culture dedicated to adult learners.
  6. Superior student services that focuses on giving you the best academic experience.
  7. Follow through on employment and self-employment assistance strategies.
  8. Industry networking and development.
  9. A challenge for all students to be creative, passionate and relentless at honing their new skills.
  10. Truly deliver training real time and only in-demand skills.
  11. Financial options to ease your concerns.
  12. Provide a place you can always call home.
  13. Coaching and mentoring to remove anchors that may impede success.
  14. We engage in daily learning that facilitates achievable goals.
  15. Promote self-empowerment and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  16. Faculty and staff who are well versed and ready to serve you.
  17. Dependable schedules - half day modular classes.
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