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Dental Hygiene Offers a Bright Future

Dental Hygienists have something to smile about. Ranked among the fastest growing occupations, job prospects for dental hygienists are expected to remain excellent well into the coming years.

So what exactly does a Dental Hygienist do? Dental hygienists are registered and certified health professionals who specialize in preventing oral health problems and diseases. They work with individual clients or communities to prevent tooth, gum and mouth diseases and injuries that can affect overall health. They work with a growing number of Canadians across the age spectrum.

The dental hygiene industry is continuing to grow as Canada's aging population requires more care, more Canadians enjoy dental coverage, and the booming demand for adult cosmetic dentistry continues to grow. With this expansion comes a tremendous demand for skilled and qualified dental hygienists. Luckily there are several quality training centres such in Canada ready to provide you with the skills you need to succeed in this exciting career.

Registered dental hygienists may pursue careers in private, public and community practices, institutions and education. They may work independently, interdependently and collaboratively with other health care professionals in a variety of practice settings and environments. They are educated to work directly with clients, using a problem-solving structure to treat and prevent tooth decay and gum infections and diseases. In addition to learning the detailed techniques that employers demand, students are given a deep understanding of patient care and the administrative functions of their new career.

Some dental hygienists choose to specialize in health programs for new Canadians, cancer (oncology) patients, expectant moms or homeless teens. Community health practice offers much variety to a dental hygiene career. Other graduates will work within a private practice, providing care for individuals within their community.

Some Canadian provinces even allow dental hygienists to own their own dental hygiene practice. For example, Registered Dental Hygienists can practice independently in British Columbia, Ontario and some American states. Increasingly, as more provincial/territorial legislation allows dental hygienists to open their own clinical practice, entrepreneurial skills are becoming more important for dental hygienists.

The options and opportunities available to graduates of Dental Hygiene programs are plentiful! If you’ve ever considered a career in Health Care, now is an ideal time to explore the world of Dental Hyiene.

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